working at heights

Work at Heights

A fall hazard is a situation where a person is exposed to a risk of a fall from one level to another, that is reasonably likely to cause an injury. Even falls from a low height have the potential to cause serious injury and must be managed.

Working at Heights are a major cause of death and serious injury in the workplace. Most workplaces would have some need to work at height, whether it be roof and gutter maintenance, loading of trucks, maintenance to machinery etc.

All working at height tasks require careful consideration for fall prevention and protection measures to be put in place. The owner or manager of the workplace has the primary duty of care to ensure that employees and subcontractors are not exposed to health and safety risks whilst undertaking work at height on the premises.

In addition to your workers falling, objects that drop while working at height can cause serious injuries if controls are not implemented to eliminate or minimise the associated risks. A person can receive fatal head injuries if an unsecured object is dropped from a height. It is essential to ensure that objects do not fall onto people who may be under or next to the area where the work is being carried out.

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