Why is safety made so complicated, Confined Spaces?

The complexity of the Australian safety legislative landscape can be mind boggling for most safety professionals, so what chance do those that rely on it to guide or protect them stand. It is designed to draw the eye away from the basic, simple and effective management of operational hazards. The safety focus and objective is moved to the development of complex processes and systems, that are fabricated to appease auditors and regulators rather than resulting in effective hazard management outcomes that workers and business understand, can use and are effective.

Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces are a great example, through legislating specific definitions the focus seems to have slipped from identifying and controlling the hazards to deliberating on the classification of the space … Is it? … Isn’t it? … mmmm…Well it might be!… is it designed for human occupancy ?… Well it’s not one in Victoria because water doesn’t count!….If we are not sure do we need a sign?

If 10% of the time spent deciding whether a space is a confined space or not was focused on identifying and controlling the hazards associated with the environment and task, the improved safety outcomes and greater understanding of the required hazard controls would benefit both workers and business. Make safety simple! Simply effective! Simple to use and simple to understand.

Need help with confined spaces or overly complex safety systems, call us, we will help.

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