WHS Leadership

There is convincing evidence, that businesses that address health, safety and other risks, have significantly better staff retention rates, are more sustainable and outperform their competitors. In order to perform in the top tier, businesses need leaders in safety and risk management along with robust governance structures. Leaders who set the example by showing their commitment to work health and safety, being actively involved in their business and encouraging and valuing workers’ participation, are creating organisations which can be healthy and safe and are also more likely to be innovative and productive.

Safety Leadership

Leaders are people who influence others to participate in and value, the safety and health culture of the company. This can be either a positive culture or a hazardous culture.  The outcome depends on the Leadership shown from all levels of management. Leaders can be found at every level of an organisation from the health and safety representative to managers and the CEO.

Positive Leaders create an inspiring vision, motivate and inspire people to engage in that vision, manage delivery of the vision and coach and build a team to be more effective in achieving the vision of a safe working environment.

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Safety Culture & Behaviour

A positive leadership and management style, can improve an organisation’s work health and safety performance. An organisation’s culture consists of the values and behaviours that contribute to the social environment where work is undertaken.

Our Safety Culture reviews, evaluate the way safety is achieved in your organisation. Many organisations that have world class safety management systems in place, have been involved in some of the worst disasters. Many of the disasters in recent times, have been attributed to the absence of a” Culture of Safety” within those organisations.

At Safety Management Solutions, we will review and evaluate your company’s safety culture looking at your knowledge, leadership, resourcing, communication, engagement, attitude and learning. We will develop a program that engages at all levels of your organisation to give you a clear ‘picture’ you’re your safety culture.

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Legislative Compliance

Creating a safe work environment for your employees, contractors and visitors, is critical to the success of your business. As a business owner or a WHS manager, you have responsibilities regarding health and safety in your workplace.

Compliance (or adherence) with the Occupational Health & Safety laws and other relevant legislation and regulations related to health and safety of your employees, is an important and legal requirement for your organisation.

A safe environment is a productive workplace. Health and safety is not simply a legal obligation, it is a business opportunity. You can boost your bottom line by improving health and safety performance, which reduces the costs associated with avoidable losses and lost time injuries and leads to high productivity.

It is important to be aware, that not being aware of your legal responsibilities and duties, is not a defence for non-compliance.

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Compliance Reviews

Are you meeting all of your legal requirements? A Compliance Review of your systems and processes will specifically focus on whether you are meeting current legislation and suggest ways to develop and enhance them.

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Due Diligence

At Safety Management Solutions, we will assess your current systems and processes with a comprehensive review that lets you know exactly where you stand.

We will show you just how effective your systems are and whether they meet your full due diligence requirements.  Also, we will answer the question as to whether you are getting the right information at the right time to enable you to take the right action to control the hazards you are responsible for.

We have extensive experience in designing, developing and embedding due diligence frameworks and the supporting safety management systems across many organisations from a top 5 most powerful global brands to the small and medium enterprises, locally.

If you are worried about the level of awareness of due diligence requirements in your workplace, Safety Management Solutions can tailor training and mentoring programs, run by experienced professionals, to demonstrate good practice in assessing risks and planning immediate actions.

Call us today to discuss training sessions that can be run as an awareness program for general information, or delivered as part of a due diligence review package.

At Safety Management Solutions, safeguarding your business, is our business. If you have any questions relating to how you can develop strong WHS Leadership in your business or simply have a question, then call us now or complete our online form and we will be in touch within one business day.

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