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Accidents and incidents in an organisation are always disruptive, often stressful, and usually avoidable and you need to be prepared.

Depending on the severity, you may expect direct impacts on your staff, on your business, and the potential spectre of regulatory investigations, prosecutions, or civil actions.

At Safety Management Solutions, we look at the big picture. No incident happens in insolation. Effects can be seen on people, the community, the environment, clients and the organisation.

We can help investigate incidents and identify the actions you need to take in the short-term and the long-term to secure your people and your company. That can include setting up emergency procedures, ensuring legal compliance with non-disturbance of the scene and notifying the regulator, as well as planning more effectively for a compliant and effective response to future incidents. Our team of safety experts manage the incident to ensure root causes are identified, investigations managed, regulatory authorities are updated and ultimately ensure your business can move forward quickly and safely.

Coordinate & Conduct Investigation

It’s vital to identify and understand the root causes of any incidents in order to put in place effective measures to prevent reoccurrence. Safety Management Solutions facilitate and undertake investigations in order to uncover the causes of incidents, develop measures and prevent reoccurrence using tools like ICAM, Taproot and Human Factors Investigation techniques.

Many companies find liaising with a regulatory authority a daunting task, regardless of how serious the incident was. We can assist organisations during the investigation, the post-incident period, as well as support you through meetings with regulatory agencies or their officers requiring actions or information.

Develop Expert Witness Reports

Our highly qualified staff provide expert witness services when in depth, accurate and convincing reports are called upon. As with everything we do, we work with honesty, respect and openness, for your complete peace of mind. All expert witness services offered are delivered in compliance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

Liability Reports

After an incident has occurred the primary focus is on protecting health and safety and managing the immediate hazards, risk and outcomes of the incident. Another important element that of the investigation process is a liability report. Liability reports detail the legal and contractual implications of an incident and what the potential impact is the organisation and the individual responsibility holders (Officers) within the organisation.

We are experienced at producing liability reports in conjunction with investigation reports or as stand-alone exercise.

Manage Investigation

The basic steps in accident investigation include gathering of relevant information, analysing it, drawing conclusions, and then making recommendations. However, the detail in each step is the important part of ensuring the recommendations result in measures that will prevent reoccurrence and reduce the amount of downtime for the operations of an organisation.

Therefore, it is important that the investigation is conducted by someone experienced in accident causation, experienced in investigative techniques, fully knowledgeable of the work processes, procedures, persons, and industrial relations environment of a particular situation.

At Safety Management Solutions, safeguarding your business, is our business. We have the knowledge and experience in conducting incident management within a wide range of corporatons from multi-nationals to small businesses and across most industry sectors using investigation tools such as ICAM, 5 Why’s, Taproot and Human Factors methods.  We can also provide WHS Expert Witness services, so call us now or complete our online form and we will be in touch within one business day.

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