Safety Risk Management

A Risk is the potential outcome of being exposed to a hazard and it involves considering the likelihood and consequence of what may occur if people, the environment or your business are exposed to a hazard. The outcomes may include death, injuries, financial loss, loss of contracts or impact on reputation.

The control and management of Risks is a continuous process that is required to be used in all Australian States by the Regulators under the various Occupational and Work Health and Safety Laws.

At Safety Management Solutions, we can assist your business to identify hazards, assess the associated risks, design targeted controls and integrate those controls into your operations and culture to maximise effective outcomes for the safety of your people.

Safety Risk Assessment

A Risk assessment is the process where you identify hazards, analyse or evaluation the risk associated with that hazard and determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard. It involves a detailed review of your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc that may cause harm to people.

After identification is made, you evaluate how likely and severe the risk is, and then decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.

A Risk Assessment is a critical element of a Safety Management Plan and enables a clear awareness of hazards and risks, identify who may be at risk ie. Employees, cleaners, visitors, contractors, the public, etc, determine if existing controls measures are adequate or if more should be done. It prevents injuries or illnesses when done at the design or planning stage and prioritises hazards and control measures.

Risk Assessments should be completed by a competent person is skilled in identifyi8ng the hazards and has expertise in the area. At Safety Management Solutions we have a team of qualified people that can develop a detailed risk assessment of your business to ensure any hazards are identified and precautions and control measures are included in your operations to reduce your exposure to risk.

Safety Risk Register

A risk register is used as risk management tool to fulfil regulatory compliance and acts as a repository for all risks identified in your business.

A Risk Register can contain many different items but typically include an assessment of the:

  • Consequences – how severe could the injury, illness, property damage or financial loss be
  • Likelihood – of injury or illness occurring
  • Risk Rating – Cross reference severity and likelihood to obtain a risk rating for the task, process or plant being assessed

It can also include a risk category to group similar risks and brief description or name of the risk to make the risk easy to discuss.

At Safety Management Solutions, we are experts at identifying the risk and developing a risk register to ensure you have a clear, easy to ready report to ensure you are able to prioritise the risks in your business.

Safety Operating Procedure (SOP’s) & Safe Work Procedure (SWP’s)

These documents are developed for process work and static plant operation. SOPs or SWP’s define how to undertake tasks and operate static plant safely and include pre and post operational safety checks for machinery, what personal protective equipment you should wear, potential hazards and injuries and more. They are suited to static work environment where the task is usually repetitive and the hazards associated with performing that task do not change.

At Safety Management Solutions, we can help identify the machinery that require a SOP or SWP and develop these documents.

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS’s)

A Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS is a document that sets out the high risk construction work activities to be carried out at a workplace, the hazards arising from these activities and the measures to be put in place to control the risks. Examples where SWMS are legally required are high risk construction work and energised electrical works, confined space work.

SWMS are an excellent tool for high risk operations where tasks need to be broken down to consider associated hazards and detail the actions required and those responsible to control them.

SWMS are usually required to be completed before work can commence as part of contractor management system. Other names for SWMS are Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA).

A SWMS is not intended to be a procedure—rather it is a tool to help supervisors and workers confirm and monitor the control measures required at the workplace.

It is important that SWMS’s for a particular high risk task, are specific to that task and are not just downloaded as a generic document. Many construction sites will not accept these as an appropriate legal document.

At Safety Management Solutions we can prepare a bespoke SWMS document, in consultation with the person responsible for carrying out the high risk construction work and workers directly engaged in the work, that will identify the hazards and controls required to mitigate those risks.

Plant Risk Assessment (PRA)

Under the Work Health and Safety Act (and Regulations) 2011, plant is defined to cover items including, lifts, cranes, pressure equipment, hoists, powered mobile plant amusement structures, turbines, explosive-powered tools, scaffolds, temporary access equipment

There are many reasons as to why businesses should undertake thorough plant risk assessment including reduced likelihood of workplace incidents and injuries, reduced chance of prosecution, ensures machines are up-to-date with the latest legislative/regulatory requirements, helps provide information for use in training and assessing competency of employees in safe operation of machinery and protect employees against accidents.

Safety Management Solutions have a team of experts to undertake these assessments.

Supplier & Contractor Management

Manage your supply chain and contractors to ensure comprehensive safety management systems are in place across your operations.

We can make sure your contractors have in place and are implementing their safety systems and assess their capacity and ability to deliver on their health and safety commitments, before the job begins.

Our monitoring program of the contractors, before and during the work, enables you to have confidence that your contractors are doing what they have committed to.

Using suppliers who don’t meet ethical standards can mean long-term damage to your operations, branding and profile. Overseas supply chains, in particular, can negatively impact on your business reputation if they involve your business in any way with unsafe workplaces, child labour, unpaid labour, or abusive environments.

At Safety Management Solutions, we have direct experience managing the safety risk of suppliers and contractors across local business operations and for international organisations across the Asia Pacific region, including India, the Philippines and China. Our consultants are professionally qualified, experienced in a range of industries, and can assist you to ensure you have the systems and processes in place to manage risks associated with your contractors and suppliers.

Safety Training & Coaching

A safe workplace isn’t the job of one person. Everyone in your organisation should be aware of the importance of workplace health and safety.

At Safety Management Solutions, our professional sessions give your staff the skills to acquire up-to-date knowledge of health and safety matters; an understanding of the hazards and risks involved; and an understanding of the appropriate tools, resources and how to use them.

Because we focus on practical information and convey it in an engaging and memorable way, your staff will have a full understanding of how to identify and control hazards and risks, report incidents and ensure legal compliance.

Cost-effective training programs from Safety Management Solutions include:

Due diligence

Give your Company Officers the insight and expertise they need to keep operations safe and your business compliant. It’s a legal requirement that your officers have been fully informed of their responsibilities and manage safety effectively – leave nothing to chance with our specialist programs.

Hazard and safety management

Be prepared for every eventuality with training that gives your staff the tools they need. Our hazard specific training is brilliant for a number of scenarios, including communicating safety information, effective hazard control, emergency procedures and effective consultation. We can run training programs in a range of areas including: manual handling, noise, height awareness, chemical safety, property risk management, isolation and electrical safety.

Culture leadership and behaviour

Tailored to your workplace, this training ensures your business is on the right track for long-term hazard and risk management. We look at elements of safety culture, including knowledge, leadership, resourcing, communication, engagement, attitude and learning.

Customised sessions

Our experts are happy to work with you to develop the most valuable learning structure for your business and staff.

We can also develop interactive and role play based training which through realistic and practical scenarios, is a great way to inform your key stakeholders of how to respond and execute your carefully laid plans.

Our safety focussed based training is targeted, integrated and effective, ensuring fantastic results in safety management.

At Safety Management Solutions, safeguarding your business, is our business. If you have any questions concerning the management of risk in your business or simply have a question, then call us now or complete our online form and we will be in touch within one business day.

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