Plant and Machinery Safety

If you are a person conducting a business undertaking (PCBU), you have a responsibility to provide, maintain and to ensure the safe use, handling and storage of plant and equipment. The definition of plant is very broad and includes any machinery, equipment, appliance, container, implement and tool. The definition also includes any component or anything fitted or connected to any of those things. This includes items as diverse as lifts, cranes, computers, machinery, conveyors, forklifts, vehicles, power tools and amusement devices.

If you have management or control of new or second-hand plant, including as the designer, manufacturer, supplier or importer, you have a responsibility to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the plant is without risks to the health and safety of any person.

At Safety Management Solutions, we can help manage the risks associated with plant at your workplace and to achieve compliance with the Code of Practice for Plant. Using our plant risk assessment methodology, we take a simple, systematic approach as follows:

  • identify hazards associated with plant at your workplace;
  • assess the risks associated with the hazards, if necessary;
  • control the risk; and
  • review risk control measures

Call us today to discuss how we can help you manage the risks associated with your plant and machinery.

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