Hazard Management

Hazards are situations, processes or items within the workplace or the operating environment, that have the potential to cause harm or disruption to people, the environment, corporate image and business operations. Safety Management Solutions has expertise in managing all types of hazards and can ensure a Hazard Management Plan is developed that will meet your needs.

Hazard management is the cornerstone of health and safety management systems in all organisations and is the key tool for meeting employer obligations to “take all practicable steps to prevent harm or injury”. At Safety Management Solutions we drive safety and efficiency in your organisation through simple and effective hazard management.

Across Australia every year, hazards from chemicals, unsafe plant to poor workplace design are having a major impact business. It can cause injury to workers, sometimes fatal, damage the organisations reputation, disrupt operations and cost money.

Hazards can be from biological, chemical, physical, environmental or psychosocial sources with examples such as:

Examples of Workplace Hazards, by source

Blood & bodily fluidsLiquidsRadiationWorkplace DesignViolence
Plants, fungiVapoursTemperatureManual HandlingBullying
Bacteria & VirusesGasesNoiseJob & Task DesignStress
Insect bitesSolidsLightingInterface with Plant & EquipmentHarassment
Animal & Bird droppingsFlammable materialsVibration Fatigue
  Plant & Equipment  

Whatever industry you’re in, Safety Management Solutions is committed to providing targeted solutions you can easily integrate into your business. We will simplify your safety needs by developing the policies, procedures and tools to identify threats, assess risks and ultimately make your business safe. We know it’s a continuous process and we are experts in developing strategies to manage risks and hazards in your workplace for your business today, and into the future.

Find out more about what we can offer you by clicking on the links below:

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Work at Heights

At Safety Management Solutions, safeguarding your business, is our business. If you have any questions relating to the identification and control of hazards in your organisation or simply have a question, then call us now or complete our online form and we will be in touch within one business day.

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