confined spaces

Confined Spaces

Confined spaces can be found in almost any workplace. Generally speaking, a confined space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space that:

  • is not primarily designed or intended for human occupancy;
  • can be above or below ground;
  • has a restricted entrance or exit by way of location, size or means of access or egress; and
  • can represent a risk for the health and safety of anyone who enters, due to one or more of the following factors:
  • its design, construction, location or atmosphere;
  • the materials or substances in it;
  • work activities being carried out in it, or the
  • mechanical, process and safety hazards present.

Examples of confined spaces include silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, sewers, pipes, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, boilers, manholes, manure pits and storage bins. Excavations such as ditches and trenches may also be a confined space when access or egress is limited and the factors that trigger a confined space, are present.

Safety Management Solutions can help business know that they have their confined space hazards under control, that their workers are protected and their operations are compliant with WHS laws. We will undertake identification, risk assessment and recommend controls for your confined spaces including engineering solutions, isolation of hazards, registers, risk assessments and attaching signs where required.  

Call us today to discuss how we can help you develop the procedures to ensure your employees are safe while working in confined spaces.

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