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Chemical Safety

Persons that are at greater risk of being affected by chemical hazards are those whose work involves processes using substances or products containing hazardous chemicals. Businesses such as chemical manufacturers, food manufacturing, health, welding and fabrication, spray painting, agriculture and petroleum and gas, fall into this category.

Workers may be exposed to chemicals through inhalation, eating or drinking or contact with the skin or eyes. The health effects of chemicals may become apparent within a short period of time (acute) or take a long time to manifest (chronic). Exposure to chemicals may cause poisoning, allergic reactions, effects on the reproductive system and cancers. Additional guidelines can be found on our News and Information page.

As part of the Harmonisation process in Australia, the WHS laws require that all chemicals must be classified, labelled and the related Safety Data Sheets are compliant with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals by Jan 31st 2016.

At Safety Management Solutions we can help you be compliant and safely manage the use of chemicals that are part of your operations so call us today to discuss.

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